Retrieval Day

This is the first step of your kitchen makeover! This day will involve the removal of the doors and drawers in the areas of work to be completed. This typically takes 1-2 hours.


Shop Day

Now that we have your cabinet doors and drawers, we can start to work on them at the shop! Your doors will be going through quite the process. They will be sanded and cleaned in our sanding facility then off to the spraying process where our in house Spray Technician ( a lovely lady named Maureen) will be applying primer and topcoat in our spray facility.


Prep Day

Step 3 is prep day, which is the second day of work in your kitchen! This day involves putting paper, tape and plastic over everything that is not being refinished (expect your kitchen to look like a big christmas present!) Please note after today, you will not have access to your kitchen until the completion of your Kitchen Makeover.


Spray Day

This is the third day of work in your kitchen. This day involves our Spray Technician spraying the first coats of primer and top coat on the boxes and frame of your cabinets.


Completion Day

This is the final day of work and the unveiling of your Kitchen Makeover! This day involves our Spray Technician applying the final top coats and thoroughly inspecting our work ensuring that it is up to Kitchen Makeovers standards. After the inspection has taken place, we will then start the cleaning process and “hanging” your doors and drawers.. At this point we will then install the new handles (or reinstall the old ones).

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