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Transforming Your Kitchen: A Canadian Homeowner’s Guide to Cabinet Refacing Timeline

Ultra modern dark wood kitchen refacing project in North Vancouver with herringbone floors and quartz counters.

Embarking on a kitchen renovation journey is an exciting endeavour, and for many Canadian homeowners, cabinet refacing is a practical and cost-effective way to revitalize their space. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the timeline you can expect when opting for the cabinet refacing process in the true North, sharing insights to help you plan and envision the transformation of your kitchen.

Ultra modern dark wood kitchen refacing project in North Vancouver with herringbone floors and quartz counters.

  1. Preparation Phase (1-2 Weeks):

Before the refacing work begins, there’s a crucial preparation phase. During this time, homeowners collaborate closely with their chosen contractor or kitchen design professional to finalize design choices, select materials, and establish a timeline. Accurate measurements are taken, and the necessary materials are ordered. This phase typically spans one to two weeks, depending on the project’s complexity.

  1. Material Acquisition (2-4 Weeks):

Once design choices are confirmed, the contractor orders the materials required for the refacing project. This may include new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and veneers. Material acquisition timelines can vary but generally take between two to four weeks. This is an opportune time to clear out your cabinets and prepare your kitchen for the upcoming renovations.

3: Cabinet Door Removal and job detail Confirmation (1 day):

On day three, the Kitchen Makeovers team removes cabinet doors and confirms the details of the job with the customer, including their selection of hardware. This step is essential to align everything precisely with the client’s vision for their kitchen transformation.

  1. Veneer Application (1Day):

Applying veneers is a precise process that demands skill and attention to detail. New veneers are measured, cut, and carefully applied to cabinet frames and sides. This stage generally takes two to three days, contingent on the kitchen’s size and the intricacy of the chosen design.

  1. Door and Drawer Front Installation and Cleanup (1-2 Days):

With the cabinet frames veneered, the installation of new cabinet doors and drawer fronts commences. This phase is relatively swift, usually taking one to two days. As these elements fall into place, you’ll witness your kitchen’s transformation unfolding before your eyes.

Gray and white completed kitchen cabinet refinishing with classic black fixtures and marble backsplash.

The concluding touches involve installing additional hardware, fine-tuning doors and drawers for a precise fit, and conducting a thorough cleanup. This last step of the cabinet refacing timeline typically takes one day, leaving your kitchen ready for use with a brand new look.

Embarking on a cabinet refacing project is an exciting way for Canadian homeowners to rejuvenate their kitchens without the extensive time and cost associated with a full renovation. By grasping the timeline involved, you can plan effectively and look forward to enjoying your revamped kitchen space. If you’re dreaming of a kitchen makeover, cabinet refacing might just be the practical and aesthetically pleasing solution you’ve been searching for in the Canadian landscape.